I hurried to see a 88카 used Mercedes
It's called Work-life balance.I thought the word was too far from me.It's this year. And when you're free, you're back again.Things are happening. Go directly to the scene.I don't think it's gonna be okay.I know you've moved to this side, but I'm serious.I don't know if it's okay. Still in the first year.We haven't achieved […]

It's called Work-life balance.

I thought the word was too far from me.

It's this year. And when you're free, you're back again.

Things are happening. Go directly to the scene.

I don't think it's gonna be okay.

I know you've moved to this side, but I'm serious.

I don't know if it's okay. Still in the first year.

We haven't achieved it, and if we haven't, we're gonna have a year.

I think I should fill it up and quit.

After that, I'd like to take a ride.

I want to. If I have my own bungboong, how much more?

I wonder if it would be good. among several people

Even if I'm not going on a trip, by myself,

I looked for a car that would be good to ride around.

The New Soul used car is one of the most promising candidates.

It's just one of them. an acquaintance of a friend

I hear you're riding it, too, at first glance.

Looks like Ray, but he's very different.

I think we need to find out. introduced to

The Soul that I saw this time, the color was pretty good.

It was unique. It was blue. common blue

He said he picked a car, and he said it was Yongdal Blue.

Some people used to joke around.

But when you show it, it's pretty sophisticated.

He said he was out. From what I see,

That's what I thought. White near roof

It's been processed as so it's casual.

Exactly The New Soul 1.6 Noblesse Class Trim

I've come to meet you as a person. 2017 Ceremony

They say it's based, but by comparison,

It looks like you're in good shape. In the meantime

I assume you'll feel a lot of traces of it being used.

I was doing it, and I thought it was too negative.

I guess so. It was glossy.

Not just that, but actually close to the surface.

Even when you check, scratch, etc.

There was no sign of damage. That's great.

I could express it. The owner of the car.

It's amazing how well you take care of yourself.Hah!

I've seen the condition of the tires. be very good

I can see traces of running in the meantime.

I was losing. But the residual rate is too much.

It's the bottom. There's a lot of people running right now.

It wasn't even working. a solid five-pronged hair

to the line of the wheel extending outward as

That's cool. It's 88카 very casual.

It's a small suv, and it's pretty much a year old.

He was boasting a beautiful design. Now

I'm sure there won't be a problem if I ride it right now.

It looked the same, but it's not complete.

It was much better than The New Soul's secondhand look.

I opened the door and went inside. suv's

an excellent feature that can also be described as a feature.

I was able to feel his poeticity. from above

He's got a good view, like he's looking down.

I checked my girl and looked around the driver's seat.

And then you're going to be able to handle all kinds of functions.

Buttons were formed to allow it to be done.

Make sure the call button is large so that it doesn's

It was good. It was good. A big star of starvation

The emblem was in place, and the horn sounded.

In addition to my ability to do it, I'm not sure if there's

Likewise, the airbags are fully operational.Yes, sir.

I don't know if it's because I'm safe.

We could face each other. The fuel that's being injected is...

It's called gasoline. The instrument cluster is very simple.

It was formed in compositionally. at the heart of

There's a screen. We're driving here.

Check the various things that will happen

It was going to be great. The speedometer doesn't bother me.

In real time, without any visible or visible problems.

You're good at it. I don't have any more.

a touch of annoyance, if not very special.

It's nice because it's well expressed.

The trip screen is located in the heart of Kia Soul Middle and High School.

It was set up. Dashboard Color Sensation

This was really unique. a warm shade of color

Light black, ivory-toned interior.

It was formed. That's why it's so obvious.

It's a perfect match for the atmosphere.

You're playing a role. a more luxurious attraction

He was showing it to the public. without getting tired of

The first thing I knew was that I could ride it for a long time.

I didn't expect to hold it as soon as I saw it. internal

It's amazing because it's cleaned neatly.

Let's get the manual up and running.

I made a comparison. beyond one's expectations

It was secured in a variety of ways. essential

I've checked what's called.

First of all, the navigation system will be able to take the path.

You were doing your best for me! Now

Even if you try it again, there's nothing wrong with it.

The Newbie to work very well without giving.

It was good. It didn't lag. What's the destination?

Wherever you are, I think it's going to guide you.

The graphics are easy to read, too.Hah!

The rear camera has a good sense, too. No matter how

Small bodies, but blind spots make your head look like it's the same.

It's the same for everything that hurts. And there's a very small.

It wasn't part of the family, so I'm going to park a little bit.

There will be some inconveniences.

And for him, the efficient Huka is a virgin.

It's gutted, it's got excellent resolution.

It's based on the foundation. idea

And the more marked guidelines.

It's helping with an easy-to-read system.

I really wanted to pick a used car.

I thought it was too much, so I just came back

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