For those of you looking for postpartum massage,
It's been a long time since I've seen you! Actually, I had a baby, and I felt so heavy and sick. I couldn't afford a blog ㅜㅜ I'm sure all our neighbors understand. So I'm trying to be of help to my neighbors today. I'm running with honest reviews!!!! Maybe it's because I haven't worked […]

It's been a long time since I've seen you!

Actually, I had a baby, and I felt so heavy and sick.

I couldn't afford a blog ㅜㅜ

I'm sure all our neighbors understand.

So I'm trying to be of help to my neighbors today.

I'm running with honest reviews!!!!

Maybe it's because I haven't worked out much.

I felt like I got worse after giving birth.

I suddenly gained weight in my abdomen, and I'm depressed.

My shoulders and pelvis are killing me, and my baby's whining.

I couldn't sleep well, so I felt like I was going to break up. ㅜ

Maybe you could see that I was struggling.

My friends around me should go on a business trip to get a post-Gwangmyeong massage.

They recommended it.

I've never heard of postpartum massage before.

I went into Mom's Cafe and looked into this and that.

Rennejay, Gwangmyeongsan Mountain's massage, has the most reviews.

To learn about a rough program.

I had a kakaotalk consult.

I can't believe we can talk on kakaotalk.

I thought the world is better these days.

Well, since I'm raising a child,

I have some free time when I'm sleeping.

I'm afraid I'll wake him up if I call him.

And then you'll get behind on your work.

I think that's why it was better to have a kakaotalk consultation.

Of course, I finished the call after the groom came!

He also gave me a very kind consultation.

A very satisfying post-Gwangmyeong Massage Review

Let's get started!

On the reservation date

The concierge came to my house.

Starting with the bed, everything you need to take care of.

They brought everything themselves.

All I have to prepare is three towels!

I was worried I'd have to get an electric pad.

He really brought everything with him.

It was so heavy that I wanted to get in and out of it.T

Besides, the post-Gwangmyeong Massage Rennejay…

You said it was a Corona quarantine company.

From mask replacement to supplies disinfection

They made it neat so that we don't have to worry about Corona.

Actually, I don't think it's a good idea for someone else to come home.

You know, I'm a little worried.

But Renne Jay's supervisor is really meticulous.

They cleaned and disinfected me.

The concierge came in.

I wrote down the first thing called a maternity chart.

The part that bothers me the most.

He said you could check it out.~

I talked about pelvic, shoulder pain, abdominal pain.

I've been taking care of course!

As soon as I lay on the bed, I fainted.

You're showing me a distortion of my pelvis before I start maintenance.

You took some pictures and started right away.

100% hand-written maintenance management.

Your hands are overwhelming.

He's a good talker.

During the two hours of maintenance,

It's not boring, it's refreshing, it's stressful.

I could blow it all up.

I'm looking at the manager who's been working with constant,

I thought it was amazing.

Was there a reason why you chose experienced people?

Above all, it was so comfortable and nice to receive it at home!

You don't have to be conscious of the people next to you.

I'm talking to the caretaker.

I can take care of it.

The massage time was really healing time.

It makes a thud when you touch my shoulders, arms, and neck.

At first, it hurt enough to make a bad sound.

The more I touch it, the less it hurts.

I felt my skin getting softer.

And I was so stressed because I suddenly gained weight in my abdomen.

You're turning it around with your hands.

It was so cool!

They say you feel like you're in a sauna when you get a proper massage.

I'm sweating a lot.

I felt the lumps and the hard parts loosening and lightening.

Take another pelvic photo after the procedure.

You compared the pictures before and after.

I didn't even know my pelvis was this twisted.

I think that's why you're so sick.

I don't know why I didn't get it before.

I think I'm a first-time child.

I didn't have enough information about pregnancy and childbirth.

She's not circulating after pregnancy.

Because there's a lot of waste.

I heard discharge of waste is very important.

It could be postpartum wind or fat build-up.

I don't know how it feels because I haven't experienced postpartum yet.

Fat… as much as fat… no.crying

Oh, and, uh, stretching to the mother.

I'm so happy that you even taught me simple corrective exercises!

The concierge kept emphasizing that we should work out later.

I'm copying a little bit at home, too.

The day after Renne J's Gwangmyeong Postpartum Massage treatment, my whole body feels really cool.

It's light as if it's going to fly.

It was amazing.

The day I was taken care of, I actually felt like I was having a little pain.

You've personally experienced the importance of care.

I got it once, and the pelvic correction and pain all over my body…

I feel so good because I feel like I've calmed down a lot!

I got a 출장안마 post-Gwangmyeong massage.

I think I sleep well these days.

I'm still gonna rest a little longer, but I'm gonna be 100% energized.

I feel like I've recovered 70%.~

How important postpartum massage is for pregnant women.

You already know that, right?

I actually found out a little late.

I just realized why it's so important.T

That's why I'm here at Rennejay, Gwangmyeong Postpartum Massage.

Let me leave you a candid review.

I want you to stay warm and take good care of yourself.

For those of you looking for postpartum massage on a business trip,

I'll also leave the Lenne J information I received!

Way to go, mothers!!!!!

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