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I looked it up and found several places!I saw a lot of them on Instagram and blogs.Choose your favorite place among them!It's my first time using massage, so I don't know.I made an inquiry on the phone. What the course looks like.Listen to the instructions, select the course, complete the time reservation,I hung up the […]

I looked it up and found several places!

I saw a lot of them on Instagram and blogs.

Choose your favorite place among them!

It's my first time using massage, so I don't know.

I made an inquiry on the phone. What the course looks like.

Listen to the instructions, select the course, complete the time reservation,

I hung up the phone. That's a very kind voice.

The course is just a lot of basic stuff.

I did it as a course. Not oil but dry massage!

These days, I work with computer a lot, so my neck and

His wrists hurt a lot and he felt stiff. so

I wanted to get a upper 건마 body massage.especially

I think he's turning into a turtle neck.

Even if I turn my neck~~ I think it's more urgent to correct my posture than a massage.

Let's get a massage first and then get a posture correction.

I have to decide whether to do it or get a few more massage.

The manager visited my house on time.

He brought me a bunch of supplies for the massage.

I guess you carry a mat to relax when you get a massage.

It looks pretty heavy. I lied down on the mat and it was very hard.

It's not even soft in the middle.

I could get a comfortable massage without any inconvenience.~

I'm nervous because I'm telling the supervisor it's my first time massaging.

He said he'd be nice to me to drink, so I trusted my body and left it to him.~

It's the first time I've had a drink, but if I get three, my muscles start to freak out

They said it could get more together. That's why I told you~

Please take care of yourself.

That's the hardest thing in the world. on one's own terms

I've heard this from time to time at work, like an old man.

Why did I do that? Now that I think about it, I'm sorry.

And as I thought, my shoulders and neck were pretty big.

He told me he was nervous. At work, on the computer.

It's a part of the job that I usually do, but I think it's inevitable.

I'm sad... I'll have to work in the right position from now! For my health!!

The neck muscles are tense, which shortens the muscles and makes them more tense.

Severe people say they get headaches from neck strain.

So you have to always stretch well. I

He's far from stretching.Maybe it's because you're slow.

Just a neck spin? But it's more about the muscle than the neck turning.

They say it's better to give them a hard squeeze!

Try it while you're watching this. It's going to be cool.

I'm going to get a massage and I'm going to have to talk to Martha.

Time flies so fast when we talk and get a massage.

He went. It was cool, so he went to the finish line.

And when I got it, it made me want to keep getting it.

If you've ever had a massage, you probably know how I feel.

I really wanted to get more.

If I were a regular customer, I'd ask for a little more.

But unfortunately, I found myself stretching the finishing touches after the appointed time.

Oh, that's too bad. I think I'll change my mind about massage from now on.

I just want to get it again. If I get a bonus next month, I will make another reservation

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