I was so satisfied that I thought I should get a massage.
The towels that are left rolled up on one sideIt's not just regular cheap towels.Only products that are soft and pricey.I think you're using it.It's much better when it's thick.The scent from the towel was good, too.The powder room is like a hotel spa.The atmosphere was great.I feel like I'm being treated because of the […]

The towels that are left rolled up on one side

It's not just regular cheap towels.

Only products that are soft and pricey.

I think you're using it.

It's much better when it's thick.

The scent from the towel was good, too.

The powder room is like a hotel spa.

The atmosphere was great.

I feel like I'm being treated because of the dim lighting.

It made me think that.

Dryer Small 천안 건마 Circulator Basically

You can also apply toner or body lotion.

It's ready.

He's got everything he needs.

The inconvenience of using the facility

I don't think so at all.

I can take a quick shower.

I've got room for face washing, etc.

It's a separate arrangement, so the customer's satisfaction level is high.

It's a place that has to be.

Basically, just looking at the shape of the towel,

I got it.

with one's clothes off and a gown on

We moved outside.

Foot bath room and in warm water first.

I decided to dip my feet.

From a distance, it seemed narrow.

The closer we got, the more space we could see.

The fact that there are frames on the wall

I moved quickly because I was curious.

You're getting water, and you're asking me what kind of sediment I need.

You asked me if I'm going to use it first.

First of all, both of them smelled great.

I chose a unique color.

I've heard a brief explanation of where it's good.

You prepared to dip your feet in a good mood.

I've been talking to a nice staff member while I'veh.

I got a room guide feeling much better.

I'm soaking my feet in warm water.

I feel like I'm relaxing and my whole body is warming up.

I wanted to lie down and get proper care.

What does the room look like for couples?

I'm looking into it because I'm curious.

There's two high-bads inside.

Dip your calves in and look at each other.

There was also a place where we could talk.

I thought it would be a good time for you two.
It's got good lighting and honest conversation with each other.

I thought we could share it.

I thought this would be a real healing.

I thought I'd have to visit my lover next time.

calves for some depth

I can dip it in the middle.

Couples don't use the foot bath outside.

You can proceed in a separate room.

I thought it would be more special.

With a flower and a small candle on it, it's more subtle.

I've created an atmosphere, and I'veh.

I thought we could make our own memories.

The bed is a big size and thick towel.

It's on the floor.

It's good for the body, so it's not uncomfortable.

You can turn it around and get care.

To make sure your neck or head doesn't feel uncomfortable.

There's a hole in the middle.

Even when you're lying upside down, it's a hole.

It's easy to breathe and sleep.

Even a lot of celebrities.

It's a place you've been looking for a lot.

I've been looking forward to it a lot.

I don't know if you're better than I thought.

Make sure it doesn't hurt! I felt relieved.

I will continue to get massage in Gangnam continuously.

It was so satisfying that I thought about it.

The atmosphere is luxurious.

It's a healing place in the city.

Once I know, I want to keep going.

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