Seoul Swedishimasaji is 스웨디시 good
Sometimes I like to spend time alone.So I go shopping alone.I tend to get healing on my way to the massage.I've been wanting to get a massage for a while ago.But it's not as strong as a sports massage.I wanted to get a comfortable massage.​After the sports massage,Aromassaji Swedishimasaji in order of orderThey say you […]

Sometimes I like to spend time alone.

So I go shopping alone.

I tend to get healing on my way to the massage.

I've been wanting to get a massage for a while ago.

But it's not as strong as a sports massage.

I wanted to get a comfortable massage.

After the sports massage,

Aromassaji Swedishimasaji in order of order

They say you can get it gently and without irritation.

So, I'm going to see you in Sinchon.

#Sinchon Aromasaji #Sinchon Swedishimasaji Roe

I went to the well-known #rootastic waxing & tanning.

rootstatic waxing & tanning silver

As you may have noticed from the name,

Waxing, tanning.

But maybe it's because of the name.

This is the #Seoul Swedishima Temple Site #Seoul Aroma Temple Site

I don't think you know what it's like. Haha

Root-static waxing & tanning hours are open.

Every day from 11 a.m. to 6 a.m.

It's open 24 hours a day!

When you get there, press this bell, and the staff will...

Please press the button as you open the door.

It's inside! It was really spacious and comfortable.

60 pyeong, the largest in Sinchon.

He said he was showing off. It's amazing.

In addition, SBS Live Economy Information Talk Program

I hope you can trust me and visit this place, right?

I made a reservation in advance, so I told you my name.

He showed me where I could wait.

And while we wait, he's getting us a drink.

I was here in the evening, so I asked for iced tea.

I saw the menu while I was waiting.

It's a waxing and tanning place, so there's a waxing menu.

Overall, the price is not too 스웨디시 high.

I could see quite a few people who came to wax.

If you ask me about the massage, I'll let you know the price!

But as you can see from the price of waxing,

It's a price that's not too much.

I got you a business card and an iced tea.

You had a good sense of putting it in a disposable cup.

Talk to your teacher for a moment and then get back to your seat!

You have a female teacher and a male teacher.

It's usually better to get a massage from someone of different sexes.

He said it was his favorite. ~

But all the teachers' careers and skills are excellent.

I decided to get a female teacher from Mr. Minju on this day!

Actually, when I first came in, there were so many bottles.

I thought it was alcohol, but I heard it's for tanning.

There's a wide variety.

There were also pre-waxing and post-waxing products.

Sinchon Aromasaji, Seoul Swedishimasaji, good job. Rumor has it that root-static waxing & tanning is a good idea.

Where you can actually tan like this,

We have a waxing place.

He was very hygienic and well-

The doll on the bed is so cute.

I've never done tanning or waxing before.

I think I'd like to try someday

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